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new war system?

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new war system? Empty new war system?

Post by Jaguar101 on Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:03 am

Alright this is IT the big koala.. or kahuna or whatever

im proposing we do something like DNF

we get as many academies involved as possible
i currently know of more than 15 different academies who can and probably want to take part.

Here is how it can work
with YCSO as the host ( being the hub of all academies and what not)

Each academy who wants to enter may
The wars themselves can be played out on YCSO or the two academies participating (in each war)

it will work like this
there will be a ladder list of all academies war teams in it

when a war is played YCSO will be more than happy to host if needed other wise. The link of the war thread will need to be sent to jaguar10 with the winners being CLEAR.. You can contact me on DN or YCSO as Jaguar10. im Jaguar101 NA on every academy except NA in which i'm known as Jaguar101

i believe we can get at least 16 teams and have a great competitive ladder..
wars can be
double crossfire

I would also like to see another ladder start with a new type of war format
2 academies vs 2 academies

This is how that concept works
This is only a crossfire format type

Each academy would get 6-8 hearts (depending on number of participants) (1 heart per participant)

but we realize there are two academy teams
so each participant would recieve 2 hearts (again each academy must have the same number of entries

NA + VDA against CSA+AKA

16 hearts
NA line up here
VDA line up here

Jaguar101 (2) (NA)
Topdeckedbls (2) (NA)
so on and so forth

then VDA line up..

Once a acdemy runs out of lives the entire team loses so if AKA were to run out of lives CSA would also lose.

both VDA and NA would get a war win for this.

What do you all think!? should we have these ladders? is one idea really bad? leave your comments below!

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