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RDA rules and guidlines

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RDA rules and guidlines Empty RDA rules and guidlines

Post by Jaguar101 on Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:00 pm

1. The appropriate test result shall not be altered for bribery, personal gain, pity (ex. A point is given when he/she is one short of the next dorm), or any other reason unless justified (like unreasonable results).

2. If there is questioning of test results, no opinions can be publicly posted on a topic except by the one questioning it, the testee, testers, or anybody the tester or testee asks. Information by people other than these listed by given in private.

3. If the tester is ever not sure about a ruling issue, then the tester must look up the ruling and attempt to find the answer on the internet. If the answer can not be found, then give the testee the benefit of the doubt and go off of what he/she thinks iy is.

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