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YCS inaugural tournament!

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YCS inaugural tournament!  Empty YCS inaugural tournament!

Post by Jaguar101 on Sat May 10, 2014 2:09 pm

Welcome to the YCS organization where we Host YCS and other creative and fun events. Our first ever tournament begins on Friday the 23rd of May.

Rules for this tournament are as follows

TCG cards only
all matches will be in advanced (unrated)
2/3 games
Report all ruling problems to the official judges of the tournament
April 2014 banlist is in effect
Banned decks are: There are none, this is a real YCS so you are allowed to use any deck you wish
If caught cheating you will be DQ'd from the tournament
All matches need to be reported in the appropriate thread and recorded on the challonge bracket accurately
Decks are LOCKED for the tournament, you pick one deck at the beginning and that is the deck you will use until the end of the tournament. If you are caught changing or editing decks you will get a auto DQ for the rest of the tournament.

Depending on how many members we get will determine how the bracket will look.

4-8 players = 3 rounds of swiss and the player cut off = None
9-16 players = 4 rounds of swiss and the player cut off = top 4
17-32 players = 5 rounds of swiss and the player cut off = top 4
33-64 players = 6 rounds of swiss and the player cut off = top 8
65-128 players = 7 rounds of swiss and the player cut off is top 8
129-256 players = 8 rounds of swiss and the player cut off is top 16
257-512 players = 9 rounds of swiss and the player cut off is top 16
513-1024 players = 10 rounds of swiss and the player cut off is top 32

I don't see us getting more then 128 players but we will see what happens.

On this thread, you may only post if:
-You have noticed an error in anybody's points.
-You have changed your own username on DN
-You wish to request 1 single point for demonstrating consistent activity in 1 of the DNYCS tournaments but did not make it to the Top 64 of that particular tournament.

Links for point total to be posted after YCS is complete

Note: If you get disqualified from the tournament for any issue other than inactivity, you will receive 0 points regardless of your final placing. A tournament ban will possibly be issued as well.

Any other posts will be treated as spam and deleted as a result. Warning points may be issued, depending on the severity of the offense. I have my notifications set so I am following this thread. Please do not let me check this thread and see only useless stuff. Thank you for keeping this thread clean.

Sign up page

You will also need this if you win

Each round will last for 72 hours.
Inactivity will not be tolerated in this tournament. If you need an extension, PM @Jagaur101 . Otherwise, you will be disqualified after going inactive for 2 rounds of Swiss or 1 round in single-elimination.
If you need to forfeit a round's match or drop out of the tournament because you cannot be active, inform @Jaguar101 as soon as possible.
Cheating and unsportsmanlike behavior is absolutely forbidden under any circumstances and will result in you being disqualified from this tournament and banned from DN tournaments. This includes, but is not limited to, lying to a Tournament Organizer, modifying your deck to counter your opponent's deck, harassing your opponent and etc.
Other rules in the Tournament Rulebook will also apply. Rules are subjected to change at any time.
This Tournament will officially begin May 23rd, 2014!
This shall be used over and over again! so bookmark it!!!!

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