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NA vs ADA win/loss thread

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NA vs ADA win/loss thread Empty NA vs ADA win/loss thread

Post by Jaguar101 on Mon Jun 09, 2014 1:07 am

I have challenged ADA to a war they have counter offered with a war of their own and a war has begin.

Their academy link: http://ancientduelacademy.forumotion.com/
This event will also take place on YCSO!
War begins Tuesday

Hearts 14 hearts per
Banned decks: no burn, stall, exodia, ties etc
TCG only

NA roster 3 hearts
1. celestialus
2. Topdeckedblso_o
3. (chaos)_blade
4. (chaos) destroyer!
5. kleinoel
6. DLNC4444
7. Jaguar10

The life less one

ADA hearts remaining 0
Acad User: Dn User:

{AlphaPack} Caesar // [BLK] Grandkitty
Corvo Slip // {AlphaPack}M7
Drewzer44 // Drewzer44
ToFeelTheLifeOfOthers // xDSxBlazeUp
Atticus Rhodes // Buffy Summers
Omitch1995 // Omitch1995
DragonMaster41 // DragonMaster41


Cyber Gir // Cyber Gir
REAP // wraithxxx

Current locks
Geargia - Topdeckedblso_o

Topdeckedblso_o beat drewzer44 2-0
{alphapack}M7 beat (chaos) destroyer 2-0
Topdeckedblso_o beat [BLK] Grandkitty 2-1
Topdeckedblso_o beat {alphapack}M7 2-1
xDSxBlazeUp beat celestialus 2-1
kleinoel lost to {alphapack} M7 2-0
Chaos destroyer lost to M7 2-0
blase beat BLS 2-1
blade lost to M7 2-0
Blade beat kitty 2-0
celes beat summers 2-0
blade beat dragonmaster 2-0
celes beat grandkitty 2-0
bls beat blaze 2-0
bls beat omitch 2-0
blade lost to m7 2-1
Blade beat m7 2-0
M7 beat BLS 2-1
omitch also beat bls 2-1
celes lost to M7 2-1
blade lost to m7 2-1
bls beat buffy summers 2-0
jaguar10 beat m7 2-0
bls beat m7 2-0

Championship Credits : 3

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