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Gladiator duel academy

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Gladiator duel academy Empty Gladiator duel academy

Post by Dark Angel on Fri May 23, 2014 3:24 am

So i wanted to introduce this academy to everybody lol.
We are quite new, we started with work i think 1-2 week ago, maybe less.
We are still doing banners, but we found excellent gfx artist and everything will be finished soon. We are still looking for memebrs, so we can make war team. Once we war anotehr academy, people will see we exist.
We? that's me and my friend pimp.
I am glad this academy entered in so good forum that unites all academies lol.

And can u guys please put this banner in gda part of forum Razz vda has banner so i think we can too, right?  
https://i.imgur.com/x66YVMH.png <<<< just make it smaller ofc
Dark Angel
Dark Angel

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Gladiator duel academy Empty Re: Gladiator duel academy

Post by Jesse Anderson on Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:43 pm

ht.t.p.:././.i...i.m.g.u.r..c.o.m./.S.1.G.B.u.Lh.png Here you go Very Happy

It wont let me post links so just take out the periods and it should work.

I made the image 310 x 93. I tried making it higher but the program wont do that due to how disproportional it would make it as its a free and cheap online thing.
Jesse Anderson
Jesse Anderson

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