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YCS Point Spread Sheet

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YCS Point Spread Sheet Empty YCS Point Spread Sheet

Post by Azarath on Sun May 11, 2014 1:50 pm

Here you will find points given to members as apart of any YCS  

Here is the system:
To qualify for DNYCS Worlds, you need 11 points.
Winner of a DNYCS Tournament gets 11 points.
Second place: 10 points.
Third place: 9 points.
Fourth place: 8 points.
Top 8: 7 points.
Top 16: 6 points.
Top 32: 5 points.
Top 64: 4 points.

Fully participating in the qualification rounds without dropping out or getting disqualified (includes, but not limited to, inactivity, cheating, unsportsmanlike behaviour): 1 point.

A google doc will follow after every YCS for the point spread

11 points get you to worlds

There will be 4 YCS every year

Championship Credits : 0

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